5 Instagram Accounts You Need To See

I could scroll through Instagram for hours. Photography is a hobby of mine anyway, so seeing beautiful photos is good enough, but you can find pictures on any topic! Want to make a social-media worthy breakfast smoothie? They have that. Really love looking at pictures of hairless cats? That's on there too! So I decided to make a list of my 5 favorite Instagram accounts. Its going to be impossible to choose just 5, but here we go!

This girl's life looks like my dreams! If you like traveling or just good photography, this is the account for you. She goes from tropical beaches to exotic deserts, all with style and unrealistically photogenic food! 

Also a youtuber, this guy's photography game is insane! His adventures take him to places like the Arctic Circle or Kenya during the migration season. This one is also for those travel/photography buffs.

Maybe dog Instagrams aren't for everyone, but this is my absolute favorite. These corgis are too cute and you can really feel their personalities through the pictures. All those corgi lovers out there, trust me on this one!

This girl is a surf photographer who lives in Hawaii, but travels to lots of other tropical places. I feel like she's one of the OG's of Instagram, since I've been following her for years! Not only does she make you feel like you're at the beach, she adds in touches of culture in every photo.

There is nothing better than a simple man who loves his dog. Theron travels the US and never leaves his dog behind. This account is just too cute for words.


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