Handiworks Market

Christmas is coming around and I've been craving something festive recently. Much to my excitement, the annual Handiworks Market was in Jackson this weekend! I'm home from school for Thanksgiving break, so I have some time to spend doodling around for a week. My stepmom, her best friend, and I all went to the trademart in Jackson for the market. I had never been so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was blown away by the amount of vendors that were in such a small warehouse. There was everything from clothes and toys to food and lawn ornaments. 
I think I was most impressed by the jewelry. I'm not a big jewelry person, but I have fallen in love with the recent trend of natural-cut crystals and gems on jewelry. There were tons of items of jewelry like that in the market that were so gorgeous. Strangely, the only thing I got was a bar of goat's milk soap. I just can't resist large displays of different smells (read: Yankee Candle. I'm obsessed) so when I saw the many scents of soap, I had to smell them all! Which led to me walking away with an oatmeal milk and honey scented bar. But hey, goat's milk is good for your skin and my nose will be happy. Money well spent. 

I loved all the unique things at the market, almost as much as I love the fact that so many local artists and creators get a spot to show off their talents and make a bit of money while they do it. One day I want to have my own little etsy shop of goodies. First I'll have to acquire an artsy talent, though.


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